Field trips in the Southern Region

Not only local and urban developments attract our interest.
Every year, a full-day trip leads us up the countryside to see new and historic buildings, you mightn't otherwise be able to get closer to.

Just like the lectures, these trips are open to the public, only to the shared cost of transportation and entrance fees (if any).

A short weekend trip was undertaken by a group of Corkonians to Liverpool, the European City of Culture 2008 with a visit of the Liverpool Biennale ( the exhibition "Le Corbusier, The Art of Architecture (

The next field trip is planned to go to the lovely county of Tipperary. The itinerary isn't quite worked out , yet, but will surely take us to some architectural highlights. A notification of all the details will be posted here and in the section Events

In 2006, a trip along the banks of the Blackwater River was undertaken by a group of about 30 Corkonians to visit historic sites such as Molana Abbey, Strancally Castle, Lismore Castle and Dromana House.

Last years field trip took us to West County Cork, where excellent examples of high-quality contemporary, as well as historic architecture were visited.
These included RINNCOLISKY CASTLE, AGHADOWN; David Puttnams RIVER HOUSE by Philip Gumuchdijan with Think Tank; The Lissard Gardens, including the Sky Garden by American artist James Turrell; two private houses in Glandore by Mary ODonoghue and Maeve Cotter and the much published and awarded house at Dirk Cove by Niall McLoughlin.

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Liverpool, City of Culture 2008:

trip along the Blackwater River:

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